Lifetime Warranty

Purchase your timepiece with peace of mind.

Our timepieces are built to last and we stand behind our product because we have sourced the best possible components.

We will repair or replace any issue that is caused due to normal use. 

The lifetime warranty excludes:

- Battery life covered for 12 months,

- Normal wear, scratches or abrasions,

- Heavy impact related issues,

- Exposure to water may cause leakage or water vapour and will not be covered by the warranty.

- The watch band and pin joining the watch and band are not included in the lifetime warranty. 


Postage and other non-repair costs will be excluded from warranty and will be up to the customer to organise.


If we cannot repair your item, we will offer you an item of the same value in replacement, no cash refund will be extended past normal refund terms.


Please note our watches are 5ATM water resistant which means the glass /case seal can withstand 5 times atmospheric pressure.


We advise against wearing your Bow & Stern watch in the shower, swimming or surfing.


Our warranty does not cover damage caused by incorrect usage and accidents including excessive water exposure.


Our watches are not intended to be surf or dive watches, as such this model is water resistant, however not water proof as water can still penetrate through the crown opening. The watch can only be subjected to light splashes / moisture.


Please note; To preserve your leather strap we recommend not exposing the leather strap to water, moisture, oils or perfumes as this will affect the properties of the leather and deteriorate the lifespan of the leather.


For enquiries please email customer care at;


Please note, proof of purchase must be provided for any warranty repairs.