Care Instructions

Water Resistance

View the watches caseback for water resistance rating. The water resistance rating provides a guideline for maximum atmospheric pressure and water-related exposure for the timepiece.

In order to ensure water does not enter the watch and cause damage to it, please follow the instructions listed below:

• The Screw-down crown is crucial to the waterproofness of the timepiece. Ensure the crown is in the
closed position before contact with water. Ensuring the crown is completely tightened before contact with
• Do not adjust the crown while the timepiece is in contact with water.
• Exposure to extreme atmospheres is not recommended (eg. hot showers, saunas or steam rooms).
• Avoid exposure to water moving with force (eg. waterfalls, broken waves).
• After exposure to salt water, rinse watch with tap water and allow to dry or wipe dry with a soft cloth.